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Disability Swimming Sessions

Red Lodge Community Pool is a purpose-built teaching and disability swimming pool. 

The water temperature is maintained year-round at a comfortable 30.5 degrees.

The pool has a standing depth of 0.75 metres in the shallow end gradually increasing to a maximum depth of 1.75 metres.  

Our facility is designed to be user-friendly from the outside to the inside with everything being accessible on one level.

To assist those patrons who may need it, a pool hoist is available enabling easy access to the water.

Our Lifeguards will be on hand to offer any assistance that may be required.

We offer individual changing facilities on the poolside for any person that would prefer this option.

​(last updated 02 February 2023)
Disability Swim: £4.40 per person
Carer Swim: £3.40 per person

Receipts can be issued should you need this to claim back expenses just ask at time of payment.

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